Finding Our Voice

I’ve been considering leaving Facebook in the light of it becoming an extension of the Kremlin’s peddling of fake news.  They have a lot in common with Fox News, the favorite child of the alternative facts world.  But I’m brought back to the very reason I joined to begin with.  It was not out of a desire to reach out to friends and acquaintances.  I’m terribly reclusive.  Rather I got my inspiration from the Arab Spring.  It was the realization that through social media, messages could be spread around the world in real time, something previously not possible for ordinary people like myself.  Initially, my goal was to spread the word about our fragile environment, something I’m gravely concerned about.

Then I was reminded repeatedly that it was a valuable platform to promote our art, and so that entailed a business facebook page.  It remains doubtful in my mind that any potential collector has been swayed positively by our presence there.  More relevant is the fact that while I keep political topics off our business page,  I’m sure some potential buyers have checked out my personal wall and if they are Trumpians, then they’ve got just the reason they need to close their wallet.  Well, so be it.  Keeping quiet about forces of evil will allow the destruction of our Democracy.  I have plenty of Republican friends, but the GOP of today is a warped version of conservative ideals.  Case in point, this administrations systematic destruction of the EPA, the State Department, Education, etc., all the while ignoring Global Warming–the single most critical issue of our time.

So back to Zuckerberg and his cash cow.  He’s been selling ads to Kremlin Gremlins to influence our elections, and apparently one of his backers is a Putin “friend”.  It galls me to think I’m supporting a billionaire that doesn’t hold dear our Democratic ideals.  Frankly he’s only gotten money from me probably 1/2 dozen times to the tune of less than $100 to boost a few posts before a show.  Well that’s the last money he will get from us.

Ironically, social media will probably be a driving force to bring down corruption, so I’ve decided for the time being to stay the course.

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