The Numbered Days

I grew up in an era when most of us thought a man elected to the Presidency was honorable. Or so I thought.  I believed him when he said “I am not a crook.”  But I learned better.  I watched the Watergate Hearings on TV. I wasn’t a daytime TV addict like my Mom and mostly I wasn’t because she was. Even so, I was pretty well glued to the TV set with I guess Debra glued to my breast.  Well, we survived that.

There was one guy that refused to control his lower brain, to the extent that at least one woman saved her stained dress.  Thank God we survived that too, so the light could shine on the good things these guys did.

Then there was the whole hostage thing that ushered in a new wave of terrorism that wound up and down to us taking our shoes off at the airport.  But mostly the killing goes on over there, so we don’t get our pants in a wad, or anything.  Until it hits home and the towers come down upon our heads.  But we soothe our fears by going over there and killing tens of thousands more so we could forget.  But, like the Zombie Apocalypse that it has become, we’ve apparently lost our collective mind.  We’ve invited a simpering fool to the White House and now we’re pissing our pants ‘cause he’s reckless and spoiled, and owned by the enemy.  And the guards assigned to protect us from our idiocy have gotten in line, the wrong line.  They huff and puff and make up another lie for us to eat.

I guess I’ve known for 20 odd years that America was on the downhill.  The powers that be, piss up a rope and tell us it will trickle down.  Mostly it’s just shit flowing from their one mouth while the other mouth laughs and gulps down more bubbly.

But the fool tells us he’ll make us great again.  I’ve got white privilege so that might work out for me, or not.  Mere white privilege is fading fast too.  It’s just white with the right donation that counts now.  Corporate feudalism is coming to the fields of amber waves.

For me personally, the creepy aspect is that this new regime reflects the greed that ripped my family apart.  Where there was once order and justice now sits the corrupt and putrid face of tyranny.  May it please be that I’m proved wrong, but the beginning isn’t looking promising.



2 Responses to “The Numbered Days”

  1. You are right! We surely have gone downhill in recent history. I have no allegiance to any political party, so I choose to sit back and wait it out and see what happens. Everything is so strange and surreal at the moment; it is hard to tell fact from fiction, no matter the source. We have been sinking. I’m willing to remain hopeful that the nation becomes buoyant again.

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    • It is a surreal atmosphere. If someone just a couple of years ago had written a fictional tale like this it would be called a soap opera, totally unbelievable. Unfortunately, the reality is that our country has entered unchartered dangerous territory with this presidency. A well informed public is essential to protect our Democracy.


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