The Path Through the Woods

It’s not so much the destination that should guide you, as the experiences along that path.  Through those experiences you make other choices and that alters your path.  Wisdom to be earned comes from observation and contemplation of those energies encountered.  Having a goal is just the first step to enter a path.  It’s all about physics.

I don’t know what happens when our body dies.  Maybe we go to heaven as my Christian upbringing taught me.  Or maybe we are re-incarnated into human or animal or plant form.  Or maybe our spirit and our DNA energy spiral goes onto another realm, another universe with different laws of physics.  Or maybe our body decays and there’s nothing else of any conscious nature.  Just our atoms juxtaposed into  a tree to be eaten by an insect, then swallowed by a bat and ends up fertilizing Aunt Nannie’s roses.

But I do know this.  The energy you put into your life takes on a life of its own.  Whether you intend to or not, everything you do effects everyone and every other thing on this Earth, and so your energy becomes a wave of action which becomes a part of a bigger wave.  And this wave crashes into an intersecting wave, creating more and more change.  Instead of being small and insignificant, you become a part of something large and powerful.  And it happens, even if you don’t want to get on board because you can’t contain your energy.  That’s why it’s very, very important that you decide early on, which path to choose first, because the wrong side is hard to escape from.

So I don’t fret about whether there’s life after death–that’s out of our realm of control.  It’s enough to know that the impact of what I do in this life will live on.  I remember Victor Frankel’s words in his book The Meaning of Life :  “If there is meaning in life, there is meaning in suffering”.  It’s such a fortuitous happening for me that when I was a young adult, in my late 20’s, that book crossed my path, for I’ve come to suffer a lot in this life.   And I’m here to say  I’m proud of who I am, despite my many failures and shortcomings.  I’m proud, because with all the loss and betrayal in my life,  I’ve chosen to create something beautiful and worthwhile, and I’ve overcome the many crutches I’ve leaned on along the way.  Though I’m a deeply flawed person, I’ve valued truth, honor and justice.  And I’ve made a lot of people happy–not with my personal contact, but through my art.  There’s very, very few people  I’ve touched  in any other way.

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