Father’s Day Message

All of you Fathers out there, I have a request.  The Earth is in peril along with everything within it’s atmosphere.  The sky is not falling, it’s being poisoned, along with the water and the food.  The environment is being ravaged.  The presence of climate change, the kind produced by the burning of fossil fuels, is a fact.  To ignore science is detrimental to all of us.  To vote for candidates that deny the validity of overwhelming international methodology proving the cause of and acceleration of climate change is irresponsible.  The Earth is our mother.  Mother’s give birth, nourish and shelter their young.  The Earth provides for us everything we require for life.  Therefore calling the Earth our Mother is an appropriate metaphor.

The role of Father is to protect, guide and provide for offspring  and the Mother.  The raping of the environment and the dangerous results are upon us now.  It’s not just those living 100 years from now that will have to deal with it.  It’s happening now and it’s ramping up.  Since the overwhelming majority of those  citizens of the world that hold the power to profit from this destruction are Fathers; and since the overwhelming majority of elected leaders that have the power to address this, the most pressing issue of our time, are Fathers; I ask you to think about what your voice and vote mean to all of us on the planet.


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