What Have I Learned?

Through my struggle to cope with the death of one daughter and the agony of a family crisis caused by a spider of a sister hell-bent on ripping apart our family and hastening our mother’s death in order to snatch her estate, I’ve learned a few things worthy of mention.  Here’s a tidy list of 13:

  1. No matter what you do or say, you’ll be criticized and mis-interpreted by some. It’s amazing how many different conclusions can be drawn from an experience, depending on perspective
  2. It’s easier to stay up than get up–inertia
  3. It’s easy to lose your focus, and hard to regain it—inertia again
  4. The family you “choose” is often better for living, but blood matters to your core and you can’t escape that
  5. It’s best to be pro-active. Problems get worse without intervention
  6. Every day without the touch of nature, is destructive
  7. Devotion to growing your mind and developing a spiritual awareness of the interconnectedness of all life is the path to fulfillment and peace
  8. There are always solutions that benefit everyone
  9. Greed is the most destructive of all mind-sets
  10. What we speak to ourselves largely determines the path we take
  11. Survival is possible through sheer will power. The goal is to do more than just survive. Finding meaning within the struggle is essential to growth and flourishing.
  12. Not caring what those you once loved think of you is difficult and often essential to peace of mind.
  13. Struggles often amount to an endless battle that is a construct of your mind, that by its very nature just goes round and round. Sometimes overcoming obstacles is a matter of reframing the “problem”. Often that allows a struggle to become a passage.

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