Falling in Love With the Earth

There’s a great need for socio/political reform in America.  Aside from getting money out of politics, tax reform and revamping the banking industry to prevent another economic meltdown,  we on this globe must deal with burgeoning population growth and climate change.  To ignore them is to doom our very existence and virtually all life on Earth.  We are running out of time.  We must engage in a national in-depth conversation about how we are going to deal with population and climate control.  We have to address how we will adjust–not as individuals, but as a species.  We simply can not survive climate change without a mass effort aimed at benefiting everyone.    Government comes before liberty and capitalism–otherwise we end up with chaos.  There’s a need for a massive change in how we share resources, how we educate our youth, who has children and how many.  These are taboo subjects, I know.  We don’t like change.  And maybe you’re thinking, we’re fucked, we’re doomed! You may feel we’re incapable of making that massive a change, in which case you may choose to ride  it to the end, snatching everything for yourself.  If you take that path, well then you’re lost.

You think we’re not capable of saving the planet and creating a utopia?  Social psychology tells us that it takes just one person to stand up in the face of overwhelming odds to change the course of history.  Why?  Because people follow.  And as more and more follow, there’s a big wave created. People follow heroes.  Who will stand up and say, I’m in love with the Earth, I’m in love with life and I’m going to do my part to save it?  The commitment and fervor of a single human can create miracles.  This is THE Good Fight.

Falling In Love With the Earth   is the title of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh’s essay, and one I highly recommend.

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