Journey Begun

What got me through?  When I felt inadequate and afraid and alone in the world, what carried me?  Always my music, my dance, my dogs and my horses.  Art and nature saved me.  It saved me from feeling useless.  It saved me from feeling weak and purposeless.  It gave me a language in which to express my emotions, my desires, my cries for help, my uncertainty.  I imagine that all kids have these same fears, I can only know my journey.

I had some incredible mentors on my path and they had enormous influence upon me. My first dance teacher was like a vision, so delicate and graceful, soft-spoken, mysterious.  She was unlike anyone I had ever known until then.  I followed her without question, hoping I could be that elegant.  Another ballet teacher gave me the discipline to carry through, no matter what.  My piano teacher showed me another path on a concerto.

Always, it was art that got me through all the hard stuff of life.  It still does today.  Making art provides an outlet for powerful emotions.  Making art reconstructs disappointments, heart-break and confusion.  Making art celebrates life.  Passing all of that experience along to a receptive audience is glorious.

One Response to “Journey Begun”

  1. The making of my art, whether dancing, making music, painting, drawing or sculpting really saved me and I honored some of those teachers along the way. I don’t want to leave out family and friends. I’ve had few that were true and loyal and loving, but the ones I’ve had I treasure, though from afar, I realize.


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