I Had a Dream, “The Good, The Bad and the Ugly”

What a hoot!  The personally influential men in my life were sitting around a table in a private room, playing cards, and eventually the conversation, because I was the only thing they had in common, naturally came around to me.

There was Robin, of course because he’s the single most important man in my life—my friend, my husband, my lover, my companion in our spiritual journey, my artist collaborator, my teacher.  He was playing solitaire, as the others played their hands.

There was Lou, my first husband and father of my two girls.  Bridge was his game.

And of course, my Dad played pinochle and was prepared to bust anyone in the mouth that said anything about me he didn’t particularly like.

David, my first love, chose Hearts.

I suppose Gerry had to be included.  He was my first drawing and painting instructor and mentor, and as such I held him in high esteem, until his true nature was revealed.  He played Poker.

The real loser at the table was Larry who could be deemed influential in my life only because of his participation in robbing me of my birthright.  He was playing Go Fish until Dad made him eat the deck.

Though each had their own stories and perspectives, the consensus was that I thought I knew everything, was high-strung, independent, stubborn, creative, intelligent, honest and had my very own style.  After seeing how the Go Fish deck went down, the 4 that knew, didn’t want to mention that I was good in bed….. when I wanted to be.






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