Poor Helen, Chapter 4

Poor Helen, she has always worried so about money, and when that happens to a person they often become a hoarder of it.  She told me back in the early 90’s that she didn’t think they could live on her husband’s retirement income from the phone company.    But I guess they developed an alternative plan.

By the year 2000 The spider and I were really having a lot of arguments over mom’s care.  I know Carole and I spent a lot of mom’s money after that on her care.  I can see how Helen took that personally, because by then she had come to see mom’s money as her money.   After Helen had her web torn down in 2001, Mom lived quietly, peacefully and happily in an assisted living care center for the next 3 years.  Helen, of her own volition, saw mom rarely (twice that  I know of) over the next 3 years.  But Helen was just waiting, it seems to me in retrospect, until she saw an opening  to try to regain her power over mom and mom’s assets.  And it finally happened, and when it did I was overwhelmed with trying to deal with her manipulations that were  a threat to my very relationship with my mother, a threat to my livelihood and also a threat to my inheritance.  But more importantly, it was a threat to mom’s welfare, so I turned to the justice system for help.  As I learned, too late, the court is poorly prepared to deal with someone as determined as Helen  and also someone willing to skirt the law and work the system.

So when the guardianship trial ended with the judge deciding mom didn’t need a guardian, he stated that her trust work was proper and that she indicated a desire to remain in her apartment at the assisted living care center, where she felt safe and knew her way around.  But none of that was to be.   As I had predicted, quite sometime before, Mom’s will was rewritten  making Helen her only heir.   Quite telling was the letter Helen presented to her hand-picked attorney.  An excerpt reads:  “(6.)  Add amendment awarding Helen for care and services from years 1965 through January 2001 and Dec. 2004 to present…including hairdressing, shopping, banking, taxes, getting my mail, trips to doctors etc…”   At first I was appalled, but then after thinking about it I guess I can see why she wanted so badly to be paid, after all she claimed mom knew all along about Dad molesting her and didn’t protect her.  All of our adult lives she was angry about that.  I guess it stands to reason, that what she couldn’t get from her while she was alive, she’d at least re-coup after she died, even if that meant taking it from Carole and  I.  I guess we deserved that because we weren’t hit and molested like her?  And in reality, mom was paying her–but not really for services rendered in the past.  Mom was easily influenced but also she knew what she had to do to get good treatment from her daughters.  She had to be kind to me or Carole or we just might ignore her.  But she had to pay Helen, or she might get hurt.  But once The spider got all the money and power, Mom could be discarded, so to speak and mom hadn’t bargained for that.

Mom died 9 months after Helen became her medical power of attorney, power of attorney for property and sole beneficiary and during that time her treatment was appalling.   Though she was legally blind, she began that time living in her own apartment in an assisted living care center with her beloved dog.  Using her power of attorney, Helen moved mom out of her apartment and into a nursing home with orders left at both facilities to deny any knowledge of mom’s whereabouts. Staff and healthcare workers were ordered not to acknowledge mom’s whereabouts or her condition.  During the remaining few months she was moved to at least 3 different nursing homes.  She never had a phone in her room.  She was kept out of reach of friends and family.   She suffered a head injury somehow.  Helen hired a doctor from out of the area and he put her in hospice and took her food and water away, something mom had expressly forbidden in her previous medical directives.

Poor Helen, she sold her soul for $300,000 dollars in cash and a few acres of commercial property.

One Response to “Poor Helen, Chapter 4”

  1. This part of the story makes me so angry that I can hardly breath. No matter that your Mother may or may not have known that your Father was molesting Helen all those years ago, she still did not deserve to be so mistreated in her final years. It is especially horrific that she cut her off from the other daughters who loved her, and other friends and family. I hope Helen is enjoying her $300,000 in this life, because I feel she will pay for the things she did in the next life.


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