The Army, a page from The Book of Changes

The ancient book of Chinese philosophy, The I Ching or The Book of Changes has a lot to say that’s relevant today.  I find meditation on the wisdom contained within those pages to be enlightening.  My reading a couple of nights ago was “The Army” and the following quotes need little interpretation.

“An army is a mass that needs organization in order to become a fighting force……war is always a dangerous thing and brings with it destruction and devastation.  Therefore it should not be resorted to rashly but, like a poisonous drug, should be used as a last recourse…..Unless there is a quite definite war aim to which the people can consciously pledge themselves, the unity and strength of conviction that lead to victory will not be forthcoming…..If justice and perseverance are the basis of action, all goes well…..Only a people economically strong can be important in military power.  Such power must therefore be cultivated by improving the economic condition of the people and by humane government.  Only when there is this invisible bond between government and people, so that the people are sheltered by their government as ground water is sheltered by the earth, is it possible to wage a victorious war.”


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