Poor Helen, Chapter 2

By the time she was 14 she was dating the only man she ever married.  Dad complained to mom often about Helen being “boy-crazy”.  He didn’t like it that she wouldn’t take music lessons or ballet and she wouldn’t apply herself in school.    She wouldn’t talk to him and barely to mom.  She was usually late for curfew and angered them by trying to sneak quietly into the house and close her door.  There was often yelling and cussing when they caught her.  When she didn’t go out she would put a towel on the floor in front of her door so they’d think she was asleep. Mom was yelling at her every morning trying to get her out of bed and to school in time.  All of that was a routine sort of rebellion from a child that had been molested.  Somehow dad didn’t connect her refusal to talk to him with his pedophilia  from years earlier, choosing instead to believe that being “boy-crazy” was the culprit.  He’d lose control of his anger when she’d refuse to answer him and either react physically or verbally to which she’d respond with shouts of name-calling or swearing.  It was a never-ending sadly-go-round.

Dad didn’t like her boyfriend Larry Basler from the first time he met him.  It started because he’d drive up in front of our house on Skyline Dr. and honk and Helen would go running out.  Dad kept demanding that Larry should come to the door.  There was more than one fight over that.  Dad often said that Larry couldn’t be trusted because he wouldn’t look him in the eye.  Of course, to be honest Dad had a trust issue way before Larry came around.

Dad made the rule that when Larry brought her home they couldn’t sit in the car–if they wanted to visit further they’d have to come in the house.  Helen ignored that rule too and I remember vividly the time Dad waited at the window for a while after they drove up.  When they didn’t come in he walked out to the car on the driver’s side and Larry rolled down the window and dad punched him in the face.

Nothing deterred her from seeing Larry, that is until he graduated high school and went to work for the phone company. While in Mississippi on a job,he got drunk and woke up married to some hot toddy with a determined pappy.  Well that broke up their love affair for a while, poor Helen, she made the mistake of falling for someone like her dad.  They got married after she got pregnant and he continued to play around on the side as they say and at least once he hit her, I was there when it happened.

2 Responses to “Poor Helen, Chapter 2”

  1. I must have a hard heart. I feel like I should feel sorry for her, but I don’t. I guess it’s because I know the pain she’s caused you.


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