Aunt EM

I had some interesting aunts growing up.  Aunt M was fun to be around as a kid.  But as an adult I lost respect for her when I saw her sit in the home of her sister and talk badly about her sis behind her back, especially after all that sister had done  to add joy to her life.  But, I didn’t share that information with anyone but my husband.  Why cause family trouble?

People aren’t one-sided though.  That same Aunt M said the most profound thing in the middle of a family crisis some years ago.  It occurred after The spider had started her whispered campaign and Aunt M and Aunt Babs would no longer speak to me, or take phone calls from me about mom’s care.  We ended up at the hospital at mom’s bedside.  She wasn’t in any real health crisis, but she had been drugged with morphine and the aunt’s that couldn’t find their way out of a brown paper bag believed the worst, and somehow it just had to be my fault.   In the waiting room there was an attempt by Robin and I to explain what was going on and Aunt Babs blurted out some nonsense and left the room.  Robin continued to attempt to shine light on the situation at which point Aunt M said, ” Sounds like a fail–ure to co-mmun-i-cate.”  And she delivered it with all of those syllables enunciated just like in the movie.  So very true.  Too often this happens with families, with friends or between business and consumer.   And she had learned that from art!  My respect for her was short-lived, however, when she followed that by saying to Robin five minutes later that he didn’t know the meaning of love because he didn’t have children of his own.

Hey Aunt M–Hope you’re enjoying my daughter’s ring–you know the one that has sentimental attachment that far outranks any that you might try to claim.

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