The Goddess Hurt

Families can be so hurtful.  Their power is so great.  They can draw blood much quicker than another foe.  Words from others can never would you like those from family.

Others can make you mad, they can become enemies easily, they can insult you, frighten you, make you jealous, give you happiness, protect you, violate you, help you.  But, they can not wound your heart like family can.

And all the contemporary talk about how family is the people that you choose to love and accept no matter what is really something that should be named something else.  Perhaps chamily–your chosen family.  I’m sure others can come up with much ideas than chamily. The thing is, that’s a way of trying to help people get past not having good family.  That modern concept is wonderful but it doesn’t erase not having a good family because there’s something primal about those biological connections, about those cultural connections and most definitely about the group you grew up with.  That feeling of loyalty and need for love is intense……….they know all of your weaknesses.  They can draw blood quickly.

4 Responses to “The Goddess Hurt”

  1. Agree! only the opinions of those we love are important to us. We seek affirmation from those we love (and assume that should love us). That vulnerability is what sets us up for the wounds.


  2. It’s so hard to see the deep hurt that families can cause. It doesn’t seem to matter how loved you are by tons of other people, it still cuts your heart into pieces when your biological family hurts you or rejects you.


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