Memorable Moments:

The day I brought Mary home from the hospital as a newborn, Debbie was 3 1/2 and after being away from her for 3 days holding a newborn, she looked so very big, running and smiling to meet us.

Her first day of Humpty Dumpty Nursery school she waited and waited for the short bus.  I finally called and they had forgotten her.  She was crushed until I told her they were coming back for her.

She informed me after her first day of school in first grade that I needn’t walk her to the corner to meet the school bus because I embarrassed her.  The other kids moms didn’t do that.

She raised monarchs from the time her 2nd grade teacher taught her how until her final summer.

I caught her with a stolen candy bar once as we left the grocery store and I made her go in and confess to the store manager while watching through the window.  She didn’t appreciate me at the time.

She decided while in third grade that she wanted to be a marine biologist and by 5th grade she wanted a “husband that wouldn’t work” as she put it so he could stay home with their kids while she went on expeditions to Antarctica.

She kicked a kid in the head when he knocked Mary off her bicycle.  After his mom lectured me I made her go to his home and apologize and then she was grounded for 2 weeks.  She was grounded a lot.

She never looked prettier than in her 8th grade graduation pictures in her pink and white dress and french braids, with that infectious smile and dazzling eyes.

Once when we stood in the Rocky Mountains alongside a pristine stream, hearing nothing but the rushing water, the hawk overhead and smelling the pine scented pure air, she whispered to me that it was like being in the presence of God.

Today she would be 41.





2 Responses to “Remembering”

  1. Thinking of you this morning Sharon, I love you.


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