Who Is My Brain, Anyway?

I’m thinkin’ my brain is smarter than I am.  It doesn’t let me know everything it knows, which begs the question just who/what is in control in there if it’s not me.  I mean, we presume that you are your brain and soul and body,  don’t we?

If our sub-conscious is keeping our conscious mind from being aware of things we have to ask why.  I’m not so sure protection is the right answer, or certainly not the only answer.  But what real evolutionary advantage would there be in not being fully aware?  Especially if you were one.  But if you are three, well that is a real game changer.

Freud’s model assigns, names (ego, super-ego and id) and explanations of roles, but it fails to answer what is there behind those functions to generate them.  It seems there must be an engine with an agenda that is more than just existing.

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