Poor Helen, Chapter 1

Well, I got another e-mail from The spider.  I was a miscreant–I didn’t go to the courthouse to obtain a copy of the tax bill on my parent’s property in order to pay her my 1/3rd share by the first installments due date.  I was self-centered and preoccupied with Robin in the hospital.  Now in all fairness she probably didn’t know he was in the hospital, so 1 week after it was due she sent me an e-mail saying she was tired of carrying me.  Yep, carrying me, after all she’s taken.   Robin advised me to rein in the sarcasm and just write her story and it will speak for itself.  He said just write the “Poor Helen Stories” because in truth she’s had an awful life.  So with that in mind…..

Helen was abused physically and mentally growing up.  Apparently Dad was like Rhett Butler with his first-born Carole.  She was a beautiful baby and he was bonkers over her.  Helen came along and had to compete with that.  She was scrappy and that worked in her favor as well as against her.  By 5 she found her place riding a bucking pony at the rodeo.  He was so proud of her that he never tired of telling the story about how she rode  her pony Trigger bucking all the way down the arena and then abruptly stopped.  He yelled spur ’em some more!  She did and rode him bucking all the way back.

About that same time was when Dad laid in bed and masturbated on her.  It seemed a toss-up thereafter whether her anger was greater towards him or Mom.  From then on she was always bucking the system, talking back and getting slapped for it and coming back with another retort, another “Hit me again you son-of-a-bitch!”.  I used to stand around the corner and hope she’d just be quiet so she wouldn’t get slapped again.

Years later when we were grown and she told me about the molestation, I told her how he had exposed himself to me when I was about 5 and asked me to come over to him and touch “it”.  I made excuses pretending to be to sleepy and he went back in the bathroom.   Helen seemed hurt that I had resisted.

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