Birthday Bash!

Indulging myself today.  Feeling free and creative and confident. We have so many things to be thankful for.

Yesterday I called my sister, the actress to wish her a happy birthday–we have consecutive days.  First thing I asked her about was the canyon.  The last time we talked, I guess in May, she was preparing to leave for the Grand Canyon for backpacking and white water rafting the Colorado River.  She’s been walking 4-7 miles a day for sometime and dancing evenings.  I’m so proud of her–quite an active life for a 71 year old!  At any rate, she loved it all especially the rafting.

So I said, I guess you’ve talked to Helen lately?  She said she got an e-mail from her, then paused, then said yeah that was right, Helen had told her what her share of the taxes were to which Carole  had no reply.  Got a second e-mail also asking if she had given her share of the property to me.  I’m sure  The spider can’t wrap her head around the fact that the actress would give her share of the property away.  She wouldn’t understand that kindness.  Carole didn’t respond to the second e-mail either–she’d just as soon not be bothered by The spider’s antics.  Undeterred, she called  wanting her 200 and some odd dollars of real estate tax money.  The spider told the actress that I wanted to sell the property but didn’t want to pay my share of the real estate taxes.  We chuckled.  I told Carole that I now serve up the same medicine to The spider as she’s always dished out.  I ignore her when I want and I tell her what a slimeball she is when I want and I don’t share information with her when I don’t want.  I’m just not going to let her pretend that she’s not the villian in this family debaucle.  She’s not getting off that easy.  I’m here to remind her, it’s the least I can do for my parents since she didn’t carry out a single wish they had made clear to us before they became senile.

The spider e-mailed me recently telling me what my share of the current taxes are and I e-mailed back asking for a copy of the tax bill.  She said I could get it at the courthouse.  Okay, she’s never done a single thing correctly in all of the years she’s had any kind of responsibility, so why should I expect her to start now?  I emailed back that when I went to the courthouse to pay my own real estate taxes I’d obtain a copy of the bill for mom and dad’s property and then and only then would I cut her a check.  I further replied  “You don’t really think I’d take your word for what the tax bill is, do you?”  Well, that unleashed her because she knows she has no credibility.  So she proceeded to tell me how pathetic I was and how much rage I have.  I reminded her to watch her back because she’s raised quite a bunch of Hellions and she’s taught them to rob, betray and manipulate.  They’ve also witnessed  her risk her own mother’s life more than once for her own selfish desires (even if they are in a state of denial).  So she’s now bugging Carole for $200 after she directly stole $100000 in cash from her as well as valuable property.  That’s not to mention denying her and her daughter’s the rings that mom had left them. The spider couldn’t even honor that request mom made.  Instead of owning up to anything she tried to get a rise out of me saying ” Do you think any one would take you seriously, especially me??  I just feel sorry for you like I do other pathetic people”   Well yes, spider, I think a lot of people still take me seriously.  My reply to her:  “Your pretense is a think shield to hide your decrepit ways.  Everything will be revealed, in good time.  You can’t compete–never could.  The whispers grow louder.  I know poetry isn’t your strong suit, but still…..Do you need to get the last word in?  I’ll let you.”   No reply.  She was always accustomed to being able to bully–doesn’t work so well now does it spider?

Maybe the actress is right–maybe Helen is just ignorant.  Well she is ignorant, but I can’t say that’s an excuse for her wicked behavior.  I say she’s blinded by greed and revenge.  She always wanted revenge against mom, blaming her for not protecting her from dad’s molestation.  And I think she always harbored rage for Carole and I because we weren’t getting slapped around for back-talking like she always was.  We made our own choices and so did she.  As I told Carole on the phone yesterday, we all grew up in the same household, admittedly our experiences were not exactly the same, but we learned from the same 2 parents and we each, from a  very early age made our own choices about how to survive.  She chose bitterness, greed, envy and aggression and today she has to work really hard to keep her kids and grandkids from knowing all of the truth about what she’s done.  That’s why she carries on the  pretense of ‘I’m so sweet and I love you all to death.’  And then from mom she mimics– here have a little bit of money–like throwing bait at a shark, hoping it won’t grab you.  I remember back in the early 80’s when Helen and I used to spend a lot of time together, she did something and I laughed and shook my head and said “You’re so like mom!”  I was stunned by how mad she got.  Compare that to the day she knelt at mom’s knee telling her not to listen to us and telling her “Mom, you know I’m the only one that loves you.”

Now just who is pathetic?

One Response to “Birthday Bash!”

  1. Helen is such a pathetic person, and in the end, she is the loser. She let her greed for money and her desire for revenge destroy her relationship with her sisters. When she’s old and has no one, she’ll be wishing she had sisters that still cared for her.


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