Macrocosm reflects microcosm

Because of the apparent death of journalism–real journalism–the majority of Americans are no longer informed about what is really happening in the world.  Our newspapers and network news programs are controlled by the hands of a very few and their personal political agenda.  Alongside the Murdochs of the world, there are a few billionaires, particularly the Koch Brothers that are promoting an agenda that is entirely self-serving and broadly destructive to our way of life, to the middle class, to our environment and to our Democracy.  By controlling information they are keeping a large part of the electorate ignorant of what is really going on.

It happened just like that in my family.  One person controlled the flow of information, keeping various family members ignorant of the facts, all for her own self-serving interest.   She tore apart a whole family.  Greed is a dangerous thing.

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