I’m Just Saying…..

I’m just saying, you’ve got to think about what you’re believing and ask in an honest and inquisitive mind, then you might come to a new conclusion that satisfies both your faith and the scientific facts, even though it may not result in the vision you expected.  Why would one reject the person that holds a different vision of God, even though they are otherwise a good person?  Perhaps fear of the unknown?

Balance in all your thoughts is so difficult and essential.   Accounting  for each major perspective is necessary in order that we get a clear picture of truth, that our faith is not wasted.  It is not a denial of God to suggest that our religions were born of the innocent interaction of early Homo sapiens with space travelers that may or may not have been gods, or sent by god.  This theory doesn’t demean Christian or Jewish or Muslim faith, but rather supports it. Even the Vatican now admits that there is most likely other intelligent life in the Universe.  We humans of the modern religions are arrogant enough to have always thought we were the center of God’s creation.  We are one aspect of it.  We are one very important aspect of it because at this time in our development we hold in our hands the very life of our entire planet and everything on it.  I doubt the God you worship expects something of you now other than participating in saving life as we know it on Earth.  Take good care of the now, and the future and afterlife will take care of themselves.

I’m just saying… this is what I’m observing.  My intention is not to alienate, but unite.

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