The “Three Great Religions”

I’ve been a Lutheran, a Catholic and Unitarian.  I’ve had a more than minor interest in comparative religion since high school.  It interests me that the three large monotheistic religions are self-described as the “Three Great Religions”.  What was that about anyway?  Was it decided that paring down the gods to one was somehow more advanced?  Perhaps it has more to do with the patriarchal nature of the cultures from which they arose.  Because of the shared concept of god as a father figure in the Hebrew, Muslim and Christian faiths it is no wonder that they distanced themselves from the ancient memories of the times of many gods in the form of alien space travelers.

I was a science major in high school and college at the U of I.  Ever since then I’ve been fascinated with all kinds of science–biology, earth science, physics, math, genetics, medicine, astrology and astronomy.  One thing I’ve learned is to let go of a theory that doesn’t make sense.  And the notion that God made us and after we die we will be rewarded in some mystery place just seems to disregard all evidence of something less ephemeral.   Aliens coming here to Earth and teaching us the rudiments of civilization, language, tool usage and spirituality satisfies the historical texts as well as scientific evidence.

If that theory is true and our alien gods have been periodically coming to check on us, it’s no wonder that of late the stories of alien abductions are terrifying.  I’m sure their totally disgusted with what  level we’ve sunk to.  They may well abandon us since we’re too greedy to figure out how to live with compassion and without polluting our environment.  If our Gods abandon us, we may fall prey to other alien travelers that might view us as nothing more valuable than slaves to mine the last of our resources for them before they also leave us to burn up on our Mother as she takes her last breaths.

When we turned our back on Mother Earth to worship $Father$, we  lost our way.  When she dies of “failure to thrive” from your abuse and neglect, it’s not going to turn out well for you.

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