My First Friend

Copper and meA dairy farm outside of Desota, Il was my first home.  I had no neighbor children to play with.  My siblings were   5 & 7 years older  and far too busy to bother with me.  They had school and friends, and milking and  putting up hay to fill their time.  I had Copper.  She was my constant companion except for 2 short trips daily to   herd the cows from the pasture to the milk-house.  We made mud-pies together and talked and walked.  I told her everything and she listened.  She had velvety ears that I loved to touch and curl around my little finger and she was happy.  I was sitting beside her whispering  when I felt her soft ear between my lips.  Being a toddler, I bit down slightly on her lobe.  She smoothly turned and bit me on the ear–just hard enough to hurt, but not draw blood.  There we were eye to eye, I sobbed and buried my face in her fur.  She was my first worthy teacher.  I am so thankful that I had her in my life.

One Response to “My First Friend”

  1. The best thing about a pet…unconditional love!

    Peace, Love & Joy,


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