Mantra: Survival of My Soul

I’ve long known that the making of my art is my saving grace.  The creative process is what serves to develop my personal discipline, it provides the meditative balance, it grows my soul and it is my contribution to society.  After a climactic breakdown in August of 2012 (this is detailed in The Book of August) I knew what I had to do to move onward and upward.  I learned a long time ago that the words you say mold your reality.  I wrote the following mantra which I recited several times a day in the beginning, have it posted in my studio and carry a copy in my purse.

I am an extraordinary artist

I am gifted, and with that gift comes responsibility

I will make art more powerful than anything I’ve done before

The spirit of life flows through me

I can touch people with my creativity and bring hope to broken souls.  I can bring light where there is doubt, life where death creeps in

I can do that because the spark of energy from the creative force that makes and moves the universe finds sensitivity in me, as it does all artists

When doubt submerges me, I will fight back with faith and I will reach outward to my source

For all the few or many days I have left, I will remind myself with this prayer that my purpose is to create all that I can to inspire my fellow beings of the sacredness of Mother Earth and all of her life.

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