The key to overcoming a tragedy, a disappointment, a failure… to re-invent yourself.  It’s a letting go of the old (the death) and a deliberate choosing of a new path (the rebirth).  Getting stuck in between is slow and painful, like a breech birth.  The process is not the same however as taking on a new identity–that would be like running away and hiding.

I’ve gone through this renewal process a number of times in my life.  Sometimes I liken it to making lemonade out of lemons.  When Debbie died the pain was so horrible and I had this overwhelming feeling that my life was ruined, that I could never be happy again.  Had I continued to think that, it would have become my life–that and little more.  If it weren’t for Mary, I’d have committed suicide to release myself from the pain and hopelessness.  Because I knew I couldn’t abandon her I began standing in front of the bathroom mirror and chanting “I will not let this ruin my life.”  Nevermind the little voice in the head that mocked back–It already is ruined.  With the repitions, that voice was drowned out.  Then I began to believe my words and I was on my way.  Writing it makes it seem so quick and simple and it wasn’t.  But believe me it works.

And now I’m shedding my old skin again–leaving behind the family pain.  The spider web can’t hold me any longer.  And that’s allowing Robin and I to have a rebirth.  We’ve made new plans, new choices for our lives as artists.  November the 4th we are publishing our first post in new blog about our life and art.  I will continue this personal blog also.  The new blog is titled   A Paradox:  Art•Life•Business

We are making some big changes in how we bring our art to audiences which we will chronicle.  We also want to write about how art is our life.   


One Response to “Rebirth”

  1. 11/23 and I’ve not published our blog Life.Art.Business
    It’s coming though–still mulling over some ideas.


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