Civil versus Criminal

Well The spider kicked my ass not once but twice in court, or did she?

When I failed to get a guardian to protect mom, I thought well okay, The spider will at least pull in her fangs because just the mere act of bringing the situation to the courtroom has alerted a lot of people.  Well, I was wrong.  She sucked the blood from mom–every last drop then hurriedly buried her under a heap of lies.

I had alerted enough people along the way, that I thought she’d be closely watched.  Instead, despite outrageous behavior and irrational and deadly choices that she made for mom, she flew under the radar.  Real slick, right to the end–getting her buried so quickly.

At that point my options were limited.  I could walk away without a fight and let her get away with everything, the elder abuse, the destruction of the whole family, the money and assets.  Or I could file suit against her–a civil suit to contest the will.  I tried to walk away, but I couldn’t, or wouldn’t.  She not only took all of that from me, but she took my birthright–my right to my own relationship with my mom.  My right to visit my mom in peace and safety.  My right to be there with my mom at the end of her life.

I hired an attorney and filed suit.  My oldest sister refused to join in.  She said she was afraid of the consequences.  She explicitly warned me that The spider and her minions would never leave me alone, that we’d have to move away from Southern Illinois, that our life would be in danger.  But I’d just been pushed too far.

We spent 5 years in litigation.  Five years.  One motion after another, then wait.  I just wanted my day in court, just to tell the story of what she did to mom to get her blood-stained claws on that money and land.   Though I was kept in the dark most of the 9 months that she had to accomplish that deed, just the facts that I knew made a very convincing case.  So I waited and anticipated and held up through one delay after another.  And then the unthinkable happened.  I got a call from my attorney telling me the judge dismissed the case.  Just like that.  Done.  No day in court.  No testimony.  Splat.

That was like a truckload of lemons.  But, it made me wonder.  You know those fantasies that I love to entertain.  Well, maybe, just maybe the authorities had other things in mind.

One Response to “Civil versus Criminal”

  1. I don’t understand how the judge could just dismiss the case. Obviously you had grounds to file the civil case or there wouldn’t have been five years of litigation. I thought that every one was guaranteed the right to their day in court. Makes me wonder, the Spider’s husband has a lot of political connections, was he helping to spin the web?

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