Look Forward

I don’t want to remember 9/1 as it was that first of September, 1989.  No I remember that day clearly.  I remember what happened.  But that day I moved on from quickly, very quickly.  So I choose to define September One as the mark of another year that I survived August!  Yea, baby!  Not like it takes the loss and pain away, but that I managed to stay on my feet again, what with so many significant anniversaries.  And just in case that sounds insignificant to you, try it on before you critique.

Enough of that, for now.  Did I tell you the story about how I became the tattle-tale?  Oh, well you simply must hear it sometime.

One Response to “Look Forward”

  1. The significant anniversaries make my calendar a minefield! I know the courage it takes to survive and I join you in celebration. I do have a blog on wordpress…just starting.


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