8/20 The Book of August

It was a Sunday, August 20th, 1989 when I last said goodbye to Debra.  She was off for a brief visit in Decatur then a weekend of boating on Lake Barkley with her sister Mary, their dad and his friends.  She didn’t want to make the trip because she was angry with her dad–something not out of the ordinary for a teenager.  But  I insisted that she go since they had made the plans some months before and I told her the best way to make things better with her dad was to talk to him.  Years later, The spider turned that piece of information into something much uglier.

I kissed and hugged the girls, expecting to see them in a little over a week.  I did, too…..just not the way I would ever have dreamed.

One Response to “8/20 The Book of August”

  1. Dearest Sharon,

    My heart is with you as you write about this horrible time in your life. I’m hoping that by writing it helps you to heal, and that maybe it will help another mother going through such a horrifying ordeal.

    Wishing you Peace, Love & Joy,


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