8/13 The Book of August

August 13, 2010 was a day I dreaded for weeks. It was the day of depositions–mine and The spider’s. I dreaded it not out of fear of being questioned, but because I didn’t want to sit at a table with her. Having been sisters and raised together, we had sat together at tables many thousands of time in our first 50 years. The last time was for Thanksgiving 2000, at her son’s house. Her son–the one that had asked his grandma if she wanted him to get rid of her troublesome neighbor. He said he could make him disappear so he’d never be seen again.

Now that Friday in August, I had to sit across the table from her. I went first, answering her sleaze-ball lawyer’s questions. It wasn’t the first time she used him–he was convenient when she had a dirty job. It was for the most part unremarkable. However when he stated that I wasn’t mentioned in my mom’s will, I replied “Yes I was! Didn’t you read it?” To which he was entertainingly perplexed.

Then came her turn to answer questions of my attorney. As expected, she was evasive and vague most of the time, though she got pinned in a corner more than once. But it was like Christmas because she so unwittingly revealed herself. She admitted that she didn’t believe in the principle of fairness. Friday the 13th is a good day–Robin and I met on one.

Her testimony was further evidence of what I had learned about her in the past decade:
She believes it’s childish to play fair by the rules.
She believes it’s childish to ask for help.
She chooses fear over respect.
She believes truth, honesty and justice are valueless.
She has a  winner-take-all attitude.
She values money over family.

3 Responses to “8/13 The Book of August”

  1. So very sorry you’re going this knock down drag out.


  2. I am touched and moved by your posts, Sharon.


  3. Sometimes it’s hard for me to believe that you are sisters, you are NOTHING alike. I’m so glad for that, otherwise I wouldn’t want to be friends.

    Peace, Love & Joy,


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