A while back, watching the movie “Desperado” it came to me.  The world operates this way–whomever can scare the most people, gets the most power.  Sad, but true.

Our 21st Century Paradox is that we have the knowledge and means to do the right thing…..But do we have the will?

One Response to “Power”

  1. Cathy Talbott Says:

    Sharon, it’s a matter of which class holds the power. It is becoming quite clear that a tiny minority, i.e., ruling class, actually wield the power in this nation as well as the world. When it was to the benefit of this minority to allow democracy, they did. Today, as capitalism itself is being destroyed and the nature of private property, i.e., that which is held by the few to profit from at the expense of the many, is changing as robotics and computerized production replace human labor, and the rate of profit is falling as the necessities of life become abundant and are cheap to reproduce, then this class is using the power of the state to guarantee their privilege and their ownership, as well as their profits. So we see the taking over of our public entities and the privatization of our commons as a means for this tiny class to profit. Today they do not profit really from producing things as from speculation. We have a casino economy. The new overlords are the hedge fund managers, the commercial bankers. We are toast unless we as a society take over these corporations and run them in the interests of we, the people.


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