8/7 The Book of August

The 7th of August, 2012 was a weary day.  Sitting in the hospital waiting to hear how Mary did in surgery.  She had open heart surgery at age 20, then laser surgeries in 2005 and again in May 2012.  That last one was unsuccessful and she was referred to UCLA medical for a rare procedure.  I was present for her first 3 heart surgeries.  Opting out of something like that is not something a mother does lightly.  But finances were tight and besides, last year I had made important plans for the 8th of August many weeks in advance–something I had been waiting 23 years to do.   As it turned out, neither was possible as I was sitting in the psych ward.  I had been moved out of the geriatric unit and was with the severely depressed, failed suicides, schizophrenics and other disturbed adults.  It was nerve wracking, waiting for hours to hear if she was okay.  I was allowed to receive the phone call when it came in even though it wasn’t during phone privilege time.  Everything is scheduled there.

Elation!  She was fine, the surgeon and operating staff were hi-fiving.  They had just performed a procedure that had only been done once before on anyone.  I had been morbidly afraid for weeks.  The night before my crash I had experienced the most awful panic attack, fearing the worst.  Now the panic could wither and crawl back into the dark and hopefully stay there!

The 8th was coming–much happier times!

2 Responses to “8/7 The Book of August”

  1. Awesome story! Glad she got through it!


  2. Dear Sharon,

    I thank God that the surgeons were successful, modern medicine is amazing. No wonder you were having panic attacks. How can a mother that has already been through what you’ve been through NOT have a breakdown from the worry of their child facing such a risky and rare operation???

    Peace, Love & Joy,


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