7/31 Correction

My recent post,  “Mom’s Funeral, July 31st was blundered, as mom’s funeral occurred on July 30th.  There’s not really any issue with getting this date wrong .  It’s just that the date of her death is more important to me and I’ve never gotten that wrong, July 28th.  It’s double my birthdate, the 14th, Bastille Day, the birth of  Democracy.  But maybe I remembered it as being on the 31st for another reason.  Mom and Dad didn’t believe in having funerals on Sundays.  Niether one was very religious, but they thought that having a ceremony in your honor on the Lord’s Day was rather inappropriate.

I can just see The spider making BABS believe that she was going to schedule the funeral as quickly as possible for BABS’ convenience–so she wouldn’t have to be away from home an extra day.  But I just wonder if it wasn’t for another reason.  Some other reason that benefited The spider.  I’ve thought of a couple, at least.  But maybe that’s just a phantasy in my mind…..

One Response to “7/31 Correction”

  1. My impression of the spider…there’s no doubt why she planned the funeral for the day she did. She had no respect for your Mother or anyone else in the family. All she ever cared about was the money.


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