Mom’s funeral, the 31st of July

I went to bed the night before my mom’s funeral prepared to stay home the next day.  Funerals are for the living and no one there save my own daughter would have anything to do with me, but worse it might turn into an ugly scene like it had at the hospital 4 months before.  I wanted at all costs to avoid that.

My best friends of almost 30 years had driven down from St. Louis to escort my Mary to the ceremony.  I went to sleep fully believing I wasn’t going and woke up very early thinking of mom and how frail she had been and how pitifully void of self esteem she was.  I knew that if there was the possibility that she could see me, she’d be hurt that I wasn’t there.  It would be personal to her, never mind the fear I felt.

It was a spectacle.  The “minister” was laughable.  The picture board totally void of even my children, or my other sister’s children.  The six of them completely left out as though they didn’t exist.  So petty, as was the obituary.  The spider didn’t expect me there and when she turned around and saw me you’d have thought she saw a ghost, but it was I that saw right through her.

One Response to “Mom’s funeral, the 31st of July”

  1. Unbelievable how petty the spider is!!!


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