The Spider Web of Life

Have you ever noticed how nothing in your life is separate from anything else?  There’s always this tangled web of attachments, overlaps and veils, weaving in and out of your work, your relationships, your thoughts.  At least that’s how it is for me.  Everything is connected.  Nothing happens alone.  Purple bleeds out over the blue.

I began this blog a year ago–with exactly one post.  It wasn’t really a post, just a salutation.  Then August happened.  Over the years August has gotten easier–but last year I blew a gasket.  Before I write the Book of August I guess I should tell you why I wanted to blog.  (Who in the hell came up with that name anyway?  It sounds like something the dog did) 

I’ve had a rather extraordinary life.  I’m blessed with many things–artistic talent, a soul-mate, a beautiful daughter and some friends who have stuck by me through some gawd-awful times.  They say god only gives you what you can bare, but that’s just a load of crap, otherwise so many people wouldn’t commit suicide.  They also say that pain builds character–well I should have plenty by now.  I don’t want to just tell you a sob story about what I’ve endured.  If that was all this was, it would just stay private in my journal.  Rather, I think I’ve learned some life lessons worth passing on.  This blog is my way of organizing those thoughts in preparation for finishing my memoir A Recipe for Life and Death.    So if you’re game, come along–I may be dis-organized, but I’m never boring.

One Response to “The Spider Web of Life”

  1. You are definitely NEVER boring!
    Peace, Love & Joy,


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